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Bongo the Dinosaur

Very often in the class I read or tell stories to the children. I improvise using any props I have near me and play games with words. Words have a magnificent power on children as they calm them down, help them concentrate, prompt them to find answers, deal with their fears and empathise with book heroes in an environment where they have total control of everything. Bongo was born in a similar situation, somewhere in Putney, with ten children sitting around me and waiting for a story. I saw a dinosaur on the window sill. ‘’Once upon time there was a fierce looking dinosaur and his name was... “Bongo..’’. A few days later Evan came and asked me if he could play with Bongo. I looked at him in amazement! ‘’Do you remember my story?’ I asked him and he said ‘Yes!’ This was the moment that I realised I had to write my story. And this is how my journey began.

a bilingual dinosaur story book
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Bongo the dinosaur, a story about diversity, teamwork, friendship and emotional intelligence is written in English and Greek and promotes learning and understanding through fun educational activities. It is published from Enastron and can be purchased online, from Amazon UK or in main bookstores in Athens and Thessaloniki in Greece. 


Bongo is a joy!

A beautiful book with a really positive message for children. My daughter loves the interactive activities too

Ms. K. J. Faithfull

‘’Bongo is a very well written book about diversity. Written in a beautiful way, its important message is easily understood by the children.

A unique asset to parents and teachers’’


                                            M. Konstantinidou

                                     Balloonland Nursery Owner


‘’ When Helen packed her suitcase for our holidays, Bongo was the first thing she put in it. She just loves this book’’

                            Vicky D.

‘’One of the most beautiful books I read to my son.

Bongo is our favourite bedtime story’’

                                         Yianni S.

2018-12-14 IMG_20181214_190943 Colliers
Visiting Roarland
Little girl is sharing her photo
'What is your name?'
Poster from book reading in hometown
Balloonland nursery poster
Dinosaur Park in Crystal Palace
Book reading event
The sweetest cuddle #bongothedinosaur
Arrived at the bookstore
Showing off my new stickers
Handmade pop out card
In Christmas mood
Bedtime story
Ianos bookstore
Gorgeous drawing by Giannis
Meet and seek reading
Bongo and the cheeky elves
Book reading event
Voting for best children book
Visiting Greenwich
Special moments
Book reading Enastron
Barcelona shoot
Meeting other dinosaurs
Yiannis and George are reading Bongo
Ianos bookstore Thessaloniki
Book reading at TOMS
Katerina met Bongo
In his wedding oufit
Reading at TOMS Thessaloniki
The sweetest cuddle #bongothedinosaur
Bongo amongst other friends
Balloonland children's poster
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