The complexity of a simple mind

Book review : Matching Costumes

Being a reviewer for the first time for Multicultural Children’s Book Day #MCBD, and a Global co-Host for London, it brings me great joy to be the reviewer of the multi-award winning author and Special Education teacher, D. G. Driver, for Multicultural Children’s Book Day – 2021 #ReadYourWorld. This is her first picture book “Matching costumes” Let’s find out together what this little girl is up to just before Halloween... Book title : Matching Costumes Author: D. G. Driver Illustrator: Cason Rome Publisher: Huskies Pub by MaClaren-Cochrane Publishing Release date: September 29th available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook. Our girl really wants to celebrate Halloween with her best frien

The new classroom reality

by Evi Marami On 23rd of March, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson announces the UK lockdown. Schools and nurseries close and relieved teachers go home with some of them returning a bit too early to look after the children of key workers during the Covid-19 pandemic. On 1st of June the Department of Education, after lengthy debates with educators, school head teachers and unions, gives the green light for the early years children to return to nurseries, publishing guidelines with safety measures that the settings need to follow to keep everyone safe. Teachers feel unsatisfied with the proposed measures, accusing the DfE of rushing them into returning to a new reality without a safety net. Mor

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