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A shy little cat

This little cat really wants a friend but she is too shy. The green monster, the toy she plays with, quietly backs her decision up to travel the world in search of a friend. In her colourful and crazy adventure Shy visits many countries, meets unique characters, tastes their food, learns words in their language, dresses up in their traditional costumes and returns back home with a plan.


Shy is called to overcome her fears and discover herself and the world in a colourful and exciting rhyming adventure that promises to keep the young (and older) readers engaged till the last page. Ideal for reception age children that begin to understand rhymes and early readers. 

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Will Shy manage to overcome her fears and finally find what she is really looking for?

This cat is smart, funny and shy! Her travels around the world are an incredible journey of learning and empathy. Evi Marami just gives the reader the magic binoculars and invites him to discover his inner hero, strengths and self-belief. This book will become a classic, every sentence a hidden story for exploration and play. A true family gem!
Sofia Korachai - Psychopedagogist

Board game and Activities

Play Shy's board game with your child! Ask him to match one of his picture cards to a picture on the board representing the rhyming word. A new fun way for him to practice finding the rhyming pair among a group of words.Download the

-Board game




Click on the picture to download more of Shy's friends to role play with your own stick puppets!!

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