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Sensory bottles

Children (and adults) love sensory bottles! They offer sound exploration, stimulate the senses, create opportunities for language development, provide opportunities for counting, engaging in imaginative play, exploring while having fun!

Sensory bottles are really easy to make and the variety of choices is absolutely amazing.. So let's a few things that we could use

  • Water or juice plastic bottles

  • Small toys (any kind)

  • threading numbers or letters

  • pebbles

  • baby oil

  • food colouring

  • hair jel

  • rice or pasta

  • any small object that creates sound like jingle bells

  • buttons, glitter, elastic bands, sand, sea shells, pom poms, straws...............

the list is literally endless....

So here are some ideas

'Numbers hidden in rice'

' The planets'

glass marbles in hair jel

'Dinosaurs in the jungle'

Use your imagination and creativity, get your child involved and I promise you that this cost effective idea will keep your little one happy and occupied!

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