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Book review : Matching Costumes

Being a reviewer for the first time for Multicultural Children’s Book Day #MCBD, and a Global co-Host for London, it brings me great joy to be the reviewer of the multi-award winning author and Special Education teacher, D. G. Driver, for Multicultural Children’s Book Day – 2021 #ReadYourWorld. This is her first picture book “Matching costumes Let’s find out together what this little girl is up to just before Halloween...

Book title : Matching Costumes

Author: D. G. Driver

Illustrator: Cason Rome

Publisher: Huskies Pub by MaClaren-Cochrane Publishing

Release date: September 29th available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook.

Our girl really wants to celebrate Halloween with her best friend, her pet dog. Mum allows her to go trick or treating with her dog and she has this amazing idea of finding matching costumes for both of them; a task proven to be trickier that she originally anticipated. Some attempts are funny, others are scary, some simply don’t work but they are all creative and great looking (for as little as they last!). Will she manage to find a solution and a pair of matching costumes just in time for Halloween?

Matching Costumes is a sweet and funny picture book for infants- preK with a simple text ideal for young readers and a beautiful colourful illustration that manages to capture the little girl’s feelings. This book can be a lot more than just a Halloween themed story; for experienced early years professionals and teachers it can be a great educational tool, giving the opportunity to children to talk about previous experiences from their own environment or talk about their pets (Communication and Language), talk about their emotions (Emotional Development), discuss and learn about the celebration of different festivals around the world (Social development) and get really creative by making their own Halloween costumes, puppets to role play with and so much more.

Driven has a positive approach to life. ‘’I'm an optimist, and if I have any goal at all as an author, it's to inspire hope. I like to write about diverse characters dealing with social or environmental issues and making an impact. I want my readers to be entertained, of course, but I also hope that at the end of reading one of my books they will be a little more aware of how they treat each other or the world around them’’. She is a multi-award winning author of Young Adult and Middle Grade books, she gives school presentations and has visited many schools and libraries as passionate speaker or panellist.

You can order the book from Amazon or from here

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