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The complexity of a simple mind


Evi Marami is a qualified educator, writer, busy mum and author of the new children’s story 'A shy little cat'. With over a decade of teaching experience Evi uses her writing to build positive identities through a sensitive and humoristic (or so she thinks!) approach. In her first bilingual, interactive book, Bongo the dinosaur – Bongo ο δεινόσαυρος, the kind dinosaur with the very unique name wins everyone over with his generosity and becomes their friend, in a story that celebrates diversity, friendship and teamwork deep in the roaring jungle. Now Evi’s shy little cat is called to overcome her fears and discover herself and the world in a colourful and exciting rhyming adventure that promises to keep the young (and older) readers engaged till the last page.

Evi is London's Global CoHost for International Children's Book day, supporting actions to promote diversity books and literacy


Evi has a MA in Education Psychology ( IOE University of London) and two teaching degrees in Early Childhood Education and Ed. Studies (Anglia Ruskin University) and Primary Education (Aristotelion University). Since 2004 she lives and works in London as a Manager in a private nursery school. While in Thessaloniki, where she comes from, she studied and worked as a journalist in radio and tv, also publishing her articles in local papers.

Evi also provides private Greek tutoring services,  EYFS training and is currently working on the completion of a Literacy program named 'The rhyme project', aiming to teach the children how to understand and create rhymes, through the story of the 'A shy little cat'


She is the writer and  host of expert interviews and educational articles in her website, a busy and happy mum, and when not teaching, being, working ,playing with children (or chasing her little one around), she enjoys reading, cooking, shopping and drinking coffee in her green terrace somewhere in South West London.



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