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Why toddlers bite and what to do

It’s one of those thoroughly embarrassing parenting moments when you discover your child is “the biter” – the one who bites at birthday parties, pinches at child care or pulls hair in the playground.

A future flashes before your eyes that involves your sweet toddler growing up and being marched to the primary school principal’s office, expelled from high school, facing juvenile detention for petty crimes and then a lifetime behind bars for a series of unthinkable offences.

While this is how many parents can feel, it’s not necessary to feel you are on the brink of some form of catastrophe. Biting is, for some children, a normal part of exploring their environment and a response to under-developed toddler communication skills. This doesn’t make the behaviour okay, however understanding why children may bite or be aggressive along with some simple strategies can help parents navigate this phase of childhood with greater ease and confidence; and a lot less stress.

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